Unlocking Career Opportunity Copy

The revolutionary technique of CRISPR has accelerated research and innovation in diverse fields and has contributed to the changing landscape of biotechnology and biomedical sciences. Therefore, CRISPR related career opportunities are also diverse, and early-career scientists have a wide range of academic and industrial career opportunities to choose from.

You can choose academic research or teaching in both private and government institutes and universities. Research opportunities include research trainee, research assistant and associates, project fellow, doctoral and postdoctoral research positions. Individuals with a background in molecular biology and preferably genomics can pursue doctoral and postdoctoral research. Other potential employers include clinical research organisations, health-related charities and organisations, private and government hospitals, NHS trust, scientific and technical consultancies, and research councils and their affiliated institutes. In addition, there are government-funded research projects that are undertaken in different academic and research laboratories. These projects often need scientists with diverse experience and backgrounds.

Apart from the academic opportunities, there are a large number of biotech and biopharmaceutical companies that explore different applications of CRISPR technology such as the development of gene therapy, biofuels, crop editing, developing animal models, animal breeding, development of biological agents to eradicate harmful pests and insects, etc. In addition to experimental research, there are job opportunities that involve CRISPR-based computational research, simulations, creation and maintenance of databases, repositories, etc.

Thus, career opportunities for a person with a strong background in CRISPR/Cas technology are immense, diverse, and also highly paid. However, a successful candidate should be self-motivated, open to learning new techniques, able to accept new challenges at work, and remain updated about the latest advancements and research in the relevant field.