Career Opportunity

The drug discovery business holds a broad range of research opportunities and varied tracks for career development, while remaining centred on high quality investigation.

Pharmaceutical companies have recurring requirements for biochemists, natural chemists, cellular biologists, molecular biologists, microbiologists, hereditary biologists, and in vivo pharmacists at the applied and basic research quantities.

As previously stated, the development of new drugs is a risky, expensive and time-consuming business. So it might take as much as more than ten years to deliver a brand new drug to market, which subsequently calls for the labour of a huge number of individuals from lots of scientific disciplines.

In such a complex and huge business, young scientists have the choice to choose from a number of career choices. The pharmaceutical business is no longer restricted to chemistry and biology, but also can provide long term careers in different disciplines & subdisciplines. In reality, “cross functional” researchers are in fact becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. Systems biology is starting to take hold, and this is going to boost the opportunities for experts with numerous degrees, pharmacology with genomics, info technology with biology etc. Among the countless possibilities, several typical drug discovery disciplines related to biology are:

Assay development

Cellular biology


Molecular biology and genomics


(Behavioural) pharmacology


Protein biochemistry, expression, and synthesis

Protein engineering as well as biopharmaceuticals


Structural biology and crystallography

Veterinarian services

Disciplines related to chemistry are:

Analytical Chemistry,

Synthetic and medicinal chemistry,

Computational chemistry,

In silico and de novo style and throughput screening.

The largest inspiration for drug discovery scientists is finding a novel medication. Imagine just what it is going to be like to be the very first one to synthesize an effective new therapy for Alzheimer’s condition, what it’ll be like to learn a novel therapeutic method for the therapy of cancer, as well as find out it works! This desire and excitement is what is probably the inspiration for most business researchers.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry additionally provides a considerably greater income (most of the times double the academic level), provides much better working conditions, considerably better equipment and an excellent work atmosphere. Basically, it’s obviously a prestigious career choice, too.

There are lots of scientists that would like to remain in the science community, but do not like the thought of a lab based profession. Drug discovery is different in that it provides numerous career choices which allow you to remain in close proximity to science without the day grind of lab life. A simple program in these areas could be a stepping stone to careers in:

Pharmaceutical patent law

Strategy and business planning

Project management

Operations management

Media posting

Regulatory support

Enterprise development (setting up alliances with biotechnology partners)

Communications and advertising tasks management

Consultation services and competitive research.

These disciplines are essential to drug discovery, are intellectually stimulating, as well as provide a terrific chance to remain inside science while leaving the lab behind.

Various other profession options to choose include:

Molecular drug targets

Bioinformatics, and drug design

Distribution methods as well as formulation design




Clinical evaluation as well as pharmacogenomics.